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every time i see this i think to myself that the best cosplay in history was made unintentionally

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"You can call me Nagisa."
"I won’t. We aren’t that close."
"We can get closer once you join the swim club."

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if i die play the tokyo ghoul op at my funeral

If the Free! characters had Tumblrs

    Haruka: water and swimming and the like (he once followed a blog with "watersports" in the url and was very surprised to find out it wasn't about swimming).
    Makoto: pictures of cats, nature, cats, humor, anime, other cute animals, cats, DID I MENTION CATS?
    Rin: sports, fitness and a lot of black and white/negative and hipster stuff.
    Nagisa: humor, horror anime, food porn and a shit ton of selfies. He sends Rei a lot of stupid anons, too.
    Rei: anything he considers "beautiful" at the moment. He reblogs all the "science side of tumblr explain this" actually writing an essay explaining the thing because he'd totally do that.
    Gou: muscles galore, but also fashion, anime and some yaoi.
    Sousuke: he only made a blog to stalk Rin and send anon hate to Haru.
    Momo: humor and poRN.
    Nitori: he's actually tumblr famous but nobody knows.
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last stand and the iron sky.

Watched all of Legend of Korra last week, Lin is easily my favourite character.




how many times had we reprised the moment of our first meeting.


i was speaking to a customer in Japanese once at work and my coworker overheard me and later in the break room he said to our other coworkers “man Andrew was over there speakin Naruto”


Really love you

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